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Winstrol: Stacked With Other Steroids

Winstrol is a popular steroid to stack with other anabolic steroids during a cycle. The compounds stacked with the drug will mainly be determined by the goals of the user, although many bodybuilders tend to use Winstrol for cutting phases (when the goal is to preserve lean muscle tissue while reducing body fat). Take notes and be ready for all we have to offer with regards to how you can successfully stack Winstrol for amazing results. You can try any of the options (cycles) that we offer or create your own.

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Winstrol-Online Team

Those looking to build muscle tissue may stack Winstrol with Testosterone due to Winstrol’s ability to heighten the anabolic effects of the cycle whilst also adding no Estrogen side effects to the stack. On the other hand, stacking Winstrol with a drug such as Trenbolone is popular during a cutting phase, where the user can accomplish a very hard and defined appearance while reducing body fat with weight training, cardio and clean eating.

One of the most common, simple and effective cycles of steroids include Winstrol and Testosterone Enanthate or Testosterone Cypionate. The length of the cycle is twelve weeks. The dose of Testosterone is divided equally into 250mg on Monday and 250mg on Thursday.

Winstrol and Testosterone Enanthate / Cypionate Stack

WeekWinstrolTest (Enanthate or Cyp)
1—–500mg per week
2—–500mg per week
3—–500mg per week
4—–500mg per week
5—–500mg per week
650mg ED500mg per week
750mg ED500mg per week
850mg ED500mg per week
950mg ED500mg per week
1050mg ED500mg per week
1150mg ED500mg per week
1250mg ED500mg per week

Winstrol, Anavar and Clenbuterol Stack

A popular stack for those who want to get cut and shredded includes Winstrol, Anavar and Clenbuterol. This cycle lasts for eight weeks. This cycle is commonly run by females.

140-50mg ED20-30mg ED80mcg per day
240-50mg ED20-30mg ED80mcg per day
340-50mg ED20-30mg ED80mcg per day
440-50mg ED20-30mg ED80mcg per day
540-50mg ED20-30mg ED100mcg per day
640-50mg ED20-30mg ED100mcg per day
740-50mg ED20-30mg ED100mcg per day
840-50mg ED20-30mg ED100mcg per day

A ten-week cycle for those wanting to get more vascular and have increased muscle definition, combines Winstrol with Trenbolone Ace, Primobolan and Testosterone Propionate may be something to consider. Always remember that diet and training are essential to make any cycle effective and see results.

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Winstrol, Trenbolone, Primobolan and Testosterone Propionate stack

WeekWinstrolTren AcePrimobolanTest Prop
180mg ED300mg per week—–400mg per week
280mg ED300mg per week—–400mg per week
380mg ED300mg per week—–400mg per week
480mg ED300mg per week—–400mg per week
580mg ED300mg per week400mg per week400mg per week
680mg ED300mg per week400mg per week400mg per week
780mg ED—–400mg per week400mg per week
880mg ED—–400mg per week400mg per week
980mg ED—–400mg per week400mg per week
1080mg ED—–400mg per week400mg per week

Benefits of Stacking Winstrol

Cycling Winstrol with other steroids will only increase the already amazing effects that Winstrol can do for your body. Among the many benefits, it is important to point out that Winstrol will increase muscle hardening, produce a more chiselled, drier look, make skin appear thinner and more toned and firm, supercharge your recovery time, add to your strength gains and more. Using more than one steroid in any given cycle will allow the steroids to work off of one another and make the results that much more visible to the eye.

Post Cycle Therapy

Post Cycle Therapy or “PCT” is an essential process that people go through once they’ve finished a cycle of steroids. The objective is to get their body back to its normal state so it can start naturally producing hormones again. Once a run of steroids is over, a user will start their post-cycle therapy, which typically lasts four weeks (sometimes longer).

Most steroid users choose either Clomid or Nolvadex for PCT once their cycle of steroids is complete. Some will actually cycle with both drugs.

Clomid helps to fire up your testes to start producing Testosterone again but can cause some annoying problems. These include headaches, nausea and vomiting (to name a few). It is rare for any of these side effects to be serious and some may not experience any of these. Nolvadex is used in the bodybuilding world to help suppress Estrogen. This drug also comes with the same side effects but will vary from person to person.

The best time to take Clomid is about two weeks after coming off a steroid cycle. This gives your body enough time to clear out the synthetic version of testosterone that you were taking.

The length of time it takes Clomid to work depends on which cycle of steroids you were taking. The stronger it was, the longer it will take for your hormone levels to return to normal.

You also need to consider the length of time of the steroid cycle. Obviously, with a longer cycle, you’ll need a longer recovery period of PCT.

What to Expect from PCT

While running PCT some users may experience mood swings and a decrease in the ambition to hit the gym as hard as when running your cycle of steroids. It is important not to get discouraged but to give your body the time it needs to rest, regroup and recharge for the next cutting or bulking cycle.


Whether you choose to cycle Winstrol (oral) on its own or stack it with other powerful steroids, the benefits and results of the cycle are up to you. Without the mindset to go all in with diet and training, Winstrol and other steroids will not shine like you want them to.

The cycles that we’ve provided are only an example of what you can incorporate in your Winstrol cycles. There are several other cycles out there that may or may not work for you. Each individual is different. We are all made up of different genetics, body types, body fat and each have our own goals in mind. Assess your individual tolerance level and create cycles around your body and your overall goals. Winstrol is an amazing steroid that has made bodybuilders into champions and professionals and has even made the “average Joe” into something bigger and better. Check out oral Winstrol today and get your head in the game. Your body is up to you. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Plan your cycle and train like a beast. The rest will come.. In time!

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  1. What stacks best with Winstrol? Getting serious with this lifting thing and considering a physique competition. Male, 5’9, 185 and 11% body fat. My goal is a harder, more defined physique. Looking to stack oral Winstrol with some potent cutting gear. Can anyone recommend their favorite stack?

  2. This sounds like me when I decided to compete. Definitely use Test, I’d say either Enanthate or Cypionate. Winnie works really well with Tren and Primobolan too. You could actually do your Winnie to jump start the cycle along with Test, Tren, EQ and Primobolan. That’s one of my favorite cycles. Once you commit to a show, try some Masteron with your Winstrol. It will give your body that chiseled, 3D look. Good luck!

  3. I’ve been looking to begin a cutting cycle with Winstrol, which is the best winny product to purchase from and what dosage should I start with? I’m a male in my mid-thirties, with an average build and want to shed a few extra pounds before the summer?

  4. Right now, I’m taking my first cycle of steroids for a bulking phase. Can you please help me with a few questions I have? When I finish bulking, I want to do a cutting cycle with Stanozolol. What products are good to stack with Stanozolol and do you know if I need to take PCT afterwards? Also, being that it’s my first cutting cycle, is there a certain dosage I should use?

  5. Going to be doing a 4-6 week cycle, taking 50mg of Winstrol stacked with 450mgs of Deca. Should I do Testosterone booster when I’m finished with my 4-6 week cycle?

  6. I’ve taken steroids before but have a question about achieving my goal. Loving the shredded look, I want to add lean muscle to the already solid look that I have at 5’8, 160lbs and 12% body fat. Can I stack Trenbolone Acetate with Stanozolol, each at 100mg, three times a week?

  7. I’m here to see if can help me with a question. I’m trying to put some good, solid mass on my already Aaron Judge looking frame. I’m just a bit lighter though but have less body fat. I’m going to share with you the cycle I am considering running. Do you mind taking a look at it and telling me what you think? I’m hoping to gain 15lbs of solid muscle and be weighing in at 255.
    WEEK 1 – 6
    • TREN-E: 200MG EVERY 4 DAYS
    • TEST: 250MG EVERY 4 DAYS
    • (Propionate 30mg, Fempropionate 60mg, Isocaproate 60mg, Decanoate 100mg)
    WEEK 7 – 12
    • TEST: 250MG EVERY 4 DAYS
    • (Propionate 30mg, Fempropionate 60mg, Isocaproate 60mg, Decanoate 100mg)
    • PCT
    WEEK 13
    WEEK 14
    WEEK 15 – 16

  8. Hello and thank you for your question. The Winstrol products that we offer are all of the highest quality and come from the best manufacturers. If you are looking to shed a few extra pounds before summer, any of the products available will do the trick. Usually most dosages are started at 50mg per day and the cycle could last from 6-8 weeks. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  9. We are glad to help answer your questions. Provided below will be our recommended combo cycle with dosage and breakdown listed for you. Thank you for your question. Hopefully, this cycle will help you out.
    Weeks 1-8:
    • Winstrol 50mg/day split doses;
    • Andarine (S4) 50mg/day split doses (4 days on and 3 days off to help with side effects);
    • Ostarine (MK-2866) 25mg/day;
    • T3 50-70mcg/day;
    • Nutrobal (MK-677) 25mg/day (adding this near the end).
    • Weeks 8-12;
    • Clomid 50/50/25/12.5;
    • D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) 3g/day;
    • MK-2866 25mg/day;
    • MK-677 25mg/day.

  10. Good question. You should run a Testosterone booster both during the cycle and post cycle. Deca will suppress your Test levels so you will need that booster to help with your levels. Also, though, it will help you considerably with any joint pain that you might be feeling now or during the time you run the Winstrol.

  11. Hello. Using this stack will definitely help you achieve the look you want. Along with the Trenbolone Acetate and Stanozolol that you are running at 100mgs, three times a week, we highly recommend including 300mgs a week of Testosterone.

  12. Thank you for providing such a detailed cycle and letting us help you. By how you explained yourself, I can see that your diet is on point and also the way you go about working out. Having said that, the answer to your question is yes, you will put on a good, hard defined 15lbs after using this cycle. The reason I mentioned your diet is because if it wasn’t on point for this particular goal you want to achieve, you would most likely gain much more than 15lbs, especially on that frame. Suggestion for you. The Sustanon you are running at 1cc every four days can be taken at 2cc (that’s 500mgs) every six or seven days. This will save you from injecting more frequently. As far as PCT, most athletes get by with only Clomid and Tamoxifen but as far as your PCT, it goes above and beyond. Be sure to follow up once you complete the cycle. We would love to hear about your results.

  13. I have read article about the cardio workout and started to follow it somehow, but I’m still not losing weight, perhaps it’s because I am only doing it in minimal time. I can’t even do pull-ups since I am overweight so I am thinking to add steroid this might helps me as well. Is there any possibility of losing weight using steroids?

  14. By adding Testosterone to Winstrol it will augment to lose of body fats. With a proper diet and proper training, you’ll see visible results in due time and Winstrol doesn’t cause water retention and while losing weight it can also help gain lean muscle.

  15. Planning to take a trio combination of Anavar, Winstrol, and Clen, the Thing is I don’t know if those steroids will work together I just customize the combination according to my idea body needs. So, do you think it is fine to take this all?

  16. Have done that bro, and it cut my fats and lose weight, with this trio I build muscle mass together with proper diet, though I don’t suggest that you take it too because I am no expert with this, instead ask for a Doctor’s prescription first It’s all about genetics.

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